double session 400

Double Session

Andrea Rapisarda solo piano


Munich Session:

  1. Some day my prince will come
  2. 5D
  3. Der Kinderhof
  4. Solstitium
  5. Pura formalità
  6. Toy box

Milan Session:

  7. Ascensione
  8. Poplicity
  9. Aphrodite at the door
10. Melanconico cinema
11. Martina is born
12. Over the rainbow
13. God bless the child
14. When you wish upon a star

All compositions by Andrea Rapisarda except: tracks 1 by Frank Churchil, 12 by Harold Arlen, 13 by Arthur Herzog jr, 14 by Leigh Harline

Munich Session: recorded on June-21th-2011 at Allegro Piano Haus, Munich.
Milan Session: recorded on the February 2012 at Rapimusic Studio, Milan.
Piano tecnichan: Francesco Brucchietti
Mixed by Stefano Covri and Andrea Rapisarda at “Stanza dei Rumori”, Milan.
Mastered by Christian Alati

Andrea Rapisarda Music 2013